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Henshin the night away!

[After arriving by speed boat to the lovely rusted metal platform country of Sealand, you will follow the red print-out arrows leading deep into the heart of the the big, metal relic nation. Just keep following the arrows down stairs and through hallways.]

[You'll eventually arrive at Sealand's old and somewhat rusty luxurious conference hall, which is barely big enough to hold ten people. Within this room is a normal-sized dining room table, fashioned to be a conference table, that has been shoved against the far wall, where two small port holes are, and is covered in all manner of junk food known to man. Underneath the table is a cooler filled mostly of grape soda, some cans of diet cola, and 4 bottles of water. There are posters on the wall featuring Power Rangers of all sorts in action poses. As you enter, to your right you will find a bunch of mismatched chairs, all facing to your left, which is where a large flat-screen television is hung gracefully on the wall and is playing continuous episodes of Power Rangers in both Japanese and English (and there are a couple Heisei Kamen Rider series thrown in to break up the tedium) in no particular order, thanks to a laptop connected to the screen via a cable. Other machines are hooked up to that poor television as well, including, but not limited to, various video game consoles, a DVD player, and a VCR. One will notice that a tidy pile has been prepared near the television made up of video games, DVDs, and video tapes. There is also a lone boombox sitting on the floor by the conference table, covered in Pokemon stickers, blaring ridiculous Disney pop, and a good-sized crate filled of action figures on the other side of the table.]

Yay, welcome to the party! There's tons of food so eat up and make yourselves at home!

[Peter is dressed sharply as Go-On Gold from Engine Sentai Go-Onger, since that's what the new Power Rangers RPM series is based on so he figured he should be appropriately dressed. Plus, Go-On Gold is amazing and cool and awesome and shiny!]

(OOC: I'M SO SORRY FOR ALL THE TEXT! I got carried away with the description. ;_; Oh, and for you guys living in the USA, Power Rangers RPM premieres Saturday morning, March 7, on ABC Kids! I'm not sure if I'm going to like it, but I figure it's worth a shot since I wasted a year of my life watching Engine Sentai Go-Onger.)

Valentine's Day Party!


Because this is like, one of the BEST holidays ever everyone totally has to show up.

[Poland has decorated the room in rather a stereotypical Valentine's day fashion. Everything is covered with pink and white hearts or hung with streamers. A buffet table stands to one side, covered with pink frosted cookies and cupcakes and anything else that could possibly cause cavities. A large bowl filled with bright pink punch sits in the middle.]

Oh, and it's a costume party so like, you have to dress up or you can't come or whatever.

[To follow the theme, Poland is dressed in a pink and white maid's outfit with a ruffled, heart shaped apron. He is carrying around a bright pink feather duster covered with sparkles to complete the ensemble.]

[[OOC: I'm just gonna go ahead and post the party thread :D! Yes, it's early but pretend it's actually the 14th. Just have your character jump in!]]
Arthur is driving a car very similar to this one:

Which seats five people comfortably, six people max. But since there's seven people wanting to go shopping (Sweden, Sealand, Italy, America, Belgium, Japan, and himself), one person had to ride in the trunk. ((I'm still finishing this up HERE. Finished!))

He is going towards a nearby supermarket:

Tesco! AKA a very British supermarket.

Nonetheless, there are four people (tightly squished) in the back and two up front. So it's not difficult to say it will get a bit noisy back there...

"Hey! Quiet down!!"

((Continuation from HERE.

Go ahead and post, and reply to other people about how cramped you are! ♥

Oh, and random note, when I spell check, Sealand comes up as a nonexistent word. Sorry, that just made me laugh a bit.))

A trip to the store.

As it's obvious the meeting was a disaster in terms of actually saying things that are relevant, I propose we reschedule it until a later date. That way, there will (hopefully) be more participation and less off-task chit-chat.

I'm also at fault for this, and for that I apologize. But it wasn't just me! And it was mostly NOT me!! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!

Continuing on with present matters, I need to take a trip to the store. And I'm sure I'll regret asking this...but...


...does anyone else wish to come along?

EDIT: ((The seats have been filled! If you still want to come along, then say your character walked (it would take them a while, though) or came by bus.

THE CONTINUE BOARD IS HERE: http://community.livejournal.com/hetalia_rpg/2010.html))


Welcome to the National Headquarters! Where we discuss plots or talk about how great I am!  Since some nation-tans couldn't make it due to weather and/or other conditions! I guess I'll just start the meeting...

Rules and Application

This rpg will start January 5th!

Hello everyone! This RPG is dedicated to Axis Powers Hetalia (A online manga that can save your WWII report..kinda)

Well, since this is a RPG there should be a few ground rules.

1. Treat players with respect. The characters do not apply to this rule, of couse. =D

2. Characters are first come, first serve...but we do accept holds. These are allowed for a week, and can be extended by request.

3. If, for a month, you are inactive (meaning you do not create an entry in the main community nor reply to one), the character will be up for grabs again. We allow hiatuses...so please, if you're on vacation for two weeks or have a limited time on the computer due to school issues, let us know!

4. We're yaoi/yuri friendly. ♥ But if something explicitly NC-17 is going on, give us a warning. LJ-cut the entry, please.

5. Do not godmod. Period. You have your own character, they have theirs...ask if you want to use their character as a hula dancer at your late-night birthday party.

5.5. Oh. Hey. Put "My character is lovely~" in your subject line of your application to show you've read this.

6. "Killing-Off" another member’s character isn't permitted. How do you kill off a COUNTRY, anyway?!

7. Be sure to check the bottom of profile not this entry.

8. Don't spam. If you SPAM, I will BAN. ♥

9. One character per person. This may change, but it depends on if we get lots of people to join or not. But for now, you'll live with one.

The Mods are blueberry_chan  andtsunicorns 

Character Application: Email this to hetalia.rpg1@gmail.com (Yes, I have changed the email because it is not working)

To hold a character, actually email hetalia.rpg1@gmail.com.

Your (the player's) username:
Character Name:
Character Age:
Personality/History (feel free to go in depth if you wish):
Writing Sample (in third person):

...once you're accepted, create a character journal and join hetalia_rpg  and hetalia_rpg_ooc . And make a post in hetalia_rpg_ooc </a> if you wish, introducing yourself, so we can meet you. =D